Learn2Appreciate utilizes the MBA© model developed by Dr. Gary Chapman and psychologist Dr. Paul White

What is Learn2Appreciate?

Several years ago when managing a team in a small organization a friend presented me with an advanced copy of a book about to be released. After reading just one chapter I quickly concluded that I needed to share this concept. The words and principles of this book resonated with the type of culture that I had experienced and enjoyed. Learn2Appreciate was born! I began conducting more research and engaging with numerous leaders, managers, CEO’s, volunteers, employees, friends and family, it was clear that genuine, authentic appreciation in the workplace was hit and miss. Although many stated that the culture in their organization was positive and appreciation noticeable, a high percentage felt that this was not the case. Appreciation in organizational culture, then, fits the ways any organization conducts its business, treats its employees, customers, and the wider community.



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Appreciation in the Workplace

Learn2Appreciate utilizes the MBA© model (Motivating by Appreciation) developed by Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The 5 Love Languages) and author and psychologist Dr. Paul White (The Vibrant Workplace and Sync or Swim). Certified Appreciation at Work Facilitator and trainer Brian Reynolds assists organizations to discover their employees/volunteers prime languages of appreciation in their work environment. Employee engagement increases. There is a positive shift in your organization’s culture. Lower turnover rates are experienced, tardiness and sickness decrease; sales, customer service and productivity begin to increase. Good things start to happen! Learn2Appreciate raises your effectiveness. Imagine your workforce actually wanting to come to work each day!?

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Who is Brian Reynolds?

Brian Reynolds has been a trainer over two decades and currently facilitates “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace”. He has a proven track record with helping teams and individuals meet and exceed their potential. Combined with his passion, creativity and enthusiasm to see others succeed and grow, he has been the catalyst with teams and volunteers helping them achieve their goals.

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